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Hi, I'm Kate! A traveller, wife, mother, friend, collector of cookbooks and kitchen treasures and a lover of capturing the seemingly 'everyday' interactions that weave together to tell the beautiful and interesting story of our lives. 

Based in stunning Port Douglas, capturing connection, intimacy, love and laughter is what's most important to me...

get to know me...

I grew up in Far North Queensland but spent over 10 years living in rural Montana after I met the love of my life (a Montanan rancher) in Thailand, back in 2008. We got married on his family's ranch in 2013 and have travelled throughout the US, Europe, Central America and Cuba. Living in our tent, sleeping in the back of a truck, being enthusiastically drug up mountains by Scott and exploring the world was where I truly fell in love with photography, documenting our travels to remember all of the amazing experiences we had.

When we came back to Montana to build a life there I attended Rocky Mountain School of Photography and started Kate Jenni Photography in 2012, in our then hometown of Lewistown, Montana. 2020 brought some big life changes and we found ourselves unexpectedly back in Australia, living just south of Port Douglas with our three little boys.

I can't wait to meet you and help tell your story with passionately crafted lifestyle photography.

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tiny fingers, soft skin, sleepless nights, deep love, life changing moments, growing families, first breaths, new life

Let them be little 

adventurous souls, wild hearts, fast feet, dirty clothes, hysterical laughter, endless discoveries, joyful smiles…the whole marvelous world ahead of them.

If you have questions or would like to reserve a session...



 1.5 hour session (no clock watching)
 1-2 locations 
Up to 2 outfit changes 
 Online gallery with approximately 50-100 images
All of your final edited images as a digital download
The ability for you and those you share your gallery with to purchase prints from my professional lab at a great price




You will receive an extensive online gallery with approximately 50-100 final images. Your gallery will be filled with movement, fun, emotion, connection, adventure, love and laughter. As a natural light lifestyle photographer my passion is documenting you interacting with your loved ones. I will gently guide you but sessions are relaxed and fun and I’ll be encouraging you to play, run, hug, tickle, wrestle, connect, splash, jump, explore and adventure together, with a few ‘everyone look at the camera’ moments thrown in.

I believe that when you look back on the photographs from your session and when you look back on moments in your life, the images and memories that stop you in your tracks, make you laugh, cry, invoke feeling and take you right back are the ones where you are playing, interacting and smiling at the ones you love.

My hope is that when you see your images you FEEL the intense love and connection you have with your family. That you remember with every fiber of your being what it was like when their little hands reached for yours, how they trusted you implicitly as you threw them through the air and the sweet sound of their laughter in your ears as you played together. I want the excitement they exuded as they picked up rocks and shells or baked a cake with you to come flooding back, for the heart bursting love you felt as your family grew, welcoming new life, watching your partner becoming a mum or dad and your kiddos becoming big brothers and sisters to bring happy tears to your eyes. 


Why a larger number of digital files and one all inclusive collection? As a mother myself I tried to think about what I would want to walk away from a session with. I know I am an awful decision maker and if I had to choose just a handful of images of my babies from an online gallery it would be excruciating for me. I want this whole process to be enjoyable and stress free for you and your family.

This means no clock watching during your session, no pressure to only select a few images and the ability to download and use your final images to your hearts content. I want you to be able to share freely with those who love you and I hope that you print, use and enjoy your photographs because that is why we created them together.

Images will be a mixture of black and white and color and due to the nature of lifestyle photography which is candid and filled with movement there will often be multiple images of the same moment, just slightly different. I want you to be able to choose your favorite because only you know which one makes your heart happiest! 

I have found that this is what makes me feel the best as a photographer and feedback from clients is that they love it too. 


Nervous about how your family will be in front of the camera? Don’t be! I have three young boys and a husband that doesn’t always co-operate myself, so I know that things don’t always go how you might wish them to. I can’t stress enough that a photography session should be first and foremost FUN! We will ease into it spending some time together chatting and getting to know each other so everyone is comfortable. There is no rush!

Need to take a break to feed your little one…or for you and your husband to enjoy a glass of wine (white only, we can’t have red wine teeth) no problem, lets pause for a second. Losing steam and think an ice cream intermission is the answer…I can photograph that too!

But what if everything falls apart? A baby that won’t stop crying, toddlers that aren’t having it, older kids who have had a rough day and don’t have the bandwidth for anything other than being alone. No worries, we can try again another time. Photography sessions can feel a little like Christmas, an intense build up and the pressure for everything to be perfect because you are investing time and money. The last thing I want is for the everyone to be tense 


I'd love to hear from you! Please reach out and we can organise a phone conversation to ensure I will be a good fit for your family and that my photography style and the collection I offer is something that resonates with you.  You are welcome to ask any questions you might have and we can get to know each other better. If you decide you would like to go ahead, we will start talking about the details. 

My sessions are lifestyle based which means I love to capture your relationships just as they are. I will gently guide you but sessions are relaxed and FUN. Let's go to the beach and play, splash in the creek, hang out in your kitchen, or jump on the bed. When our time together is done you should feel relaxed, happy and excited to do another session in the future...

I prefer to shoot in the ‘golden hours’, those just after sunrise and just before sunset. The light is warm, beautiful, flattering and dynamic and here in the tropics we avoid the heat of the day. 
When it comes to location I encourage you to talk with your family and with me to see if there is somewhere you are passionate about having as your backdrop. Is there a certain creek you always go to? A beach you love to search for treasures on? Would you be most comfortable hanging out at home? Do your kids love a specific park? 

While I can make suggestions, if we can find a spot that means something to you it adds an extra layer of individuality and depth to your images as even the backdrop brings back memories. We will work together to finalise a location or two, time and date and I will walk you through what a session looks like and provide guidance on what to wear and what you might like to bring along...pets are welcome to join is as long as they are allowed at the location. 

Then we meet up and have a wonderful time making beautiful photographic keepsakes of your family. Feel free to bring beverages (as long as they won't stain teeth or clothes), the family dog, your kids favourite soccer ball, the stuffed toy they won't leave home without. These are things you'll want to remember one day...

After your session I will be sure to share some sneak peeks during the editing process and when your final gallery is ready (approximately 2-4 weeks after your session) you will receive a link to view and download all of your final edited images. You can share this gallery link with friends and family who are all able to order prints through my professional lab for a reasonable price. You will have the digital files and are welcome to print where you wish but I like to offer this as it is easy, convenient and allows you access to high quality prints shipped straight to your door. I don't want your photographs to just live online, they deserve to be printed.

My hope is that every member of the family enjoys the experience more than they thought they would so that we can do it all again in the future. I want to ensure you continue getting in the photo with those you love and have tangible memories you can print, frame, look back on and pass down to future generations.

Hi, I'm Kate! A traveller, wife, mother, friend, collector of cookbooks and kitchen treasures and a lover of capturing the seemingly 'everyday' interactions that weave together to tell the beautiful and interesting story of our lives. 

Capturing moments, intimacy, love and laughter is whats most important to me...

get to know me...

- Laura Gill -

Kate was absolutely amazing to work with, she was our wedding photographer but did SO much more than take beautiful pictures. Kate was able to help guide the chaos and gather all of our relatives together for family pictures, which is no small task, doing all this all with a smile on her face. ..


- Laura Gill -

... Kate has also taken family photos for us with our special needs daughter, Her energy helped capture our daughters attention, which again is no small task. We would absolutely recommend Kate if you are looking for a photographer that goes above and beyond.


- Renee Porta - 

What can I say! We have had a couple of photo shoots with the amazing Kate and they have been absolutely fabulous! During the chaos of trying to organize a family for photos she manages to capture the most beautiful moments that totally encapsulate the natural wonder of children and love of a family! There is no one else that we choose to share these special moments with.


- Megan Phillips -

I LOVE our pictures! You did an amazing job and it was so fun to get to know you! You know it's a great picture when you get teary eyed looking at it! We are very happy and love that you captured Greta at her finest! Ha! Thank you so much,  you are very talented! 


- Brittany Cercle -

Our experience with Kate was everything we could've hoped for. She went out of her way to make our session what we visioned and to make all of us feel comfortable. Her images are beautiful and so invaluable in our family. My friends and family are blown away by the quality of our images. I've received so many complements on Kate's behalf for her eye and skill. Simply beautiful.
We look forward to future opportunities to work with Kate Jenni Photography!  


- Courtney Kaiser -

Kate is amazingly talented and passionate about her work. Every picture she takes is original and tells a story of it's own - I feel so lucky to be able to have her capture all of our family's special moments and events! 


- Josey Carter-

Kate is amazing! She pays attention to detail and captures moments and emotions that will last a life time!


- Cheran Waltari-

Kate is very passionate about her work and is amazingly talented. All of my sessions were so much fun and filled with laughter. She is always up for a new challenge and is literally willing to do anything. I would highly recommend Kate Jenni Photography for any occasion!









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